Basement Flood Damage Removal Service, Staten Island, New York

Need basement flood clean up? Call Joe Kielbasa’s Flood Service in Staten Island for water removal and building dry out.

Prompt and thorough removal of all water and excess moisture is critical in avoiding secondary water damage that can happen in as little as 1 day.
Family owned and operated since 1986, we’re no carpet bagging out of state company. We’re professionals, dedicated to quality flooded basement cleanup with friendly customer service.
After a free estimate we’ll start work and upon completion bill your insurance company direct for all flood damage water damage mitigation services provided so you won’t have to worry about any up-front payment before getting started.
We’re located in the center of Staten Island, and can be anywhere on the North Shore, Mid-Island, or South Shore within an hour for emergency basement flooding service 24/7.





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Flooded Basement Water Damage

In Staten Island the most common cause of basement flooding is from leaking water heaters, boilers, frozen, burst pipes, spigots, washing machine hoses, sinks, bathtub, toilet overflows, etc.
It can also come from heavy rains and winter storms. If you have a sump pump, it can be overwhelmed or fail altogether. You might have a sewer or storm drain backup, with water coming in through floor drains. Regardless of the source, be sure to shut off all electricity to the area to avoid the risk of electrocution.
Mold will develop within 24 to 48 hours of water damage, according to F.E.M.A.’s mold and mildew, publication on “Cleaning Up Your Flood Damaged Home”. It can be visible, or hidden under carpet or other floor coverings, inside walls, or just about anywhere. It doesn’t need light to grow, so wherever it is it can grow rapidly and release allergens and toxins that can lead to serious health problems. It also gradually destroys just about any porous building material.
Mold, fungus, and bacteria as well as the water and moisture itself can damage wood, drywall, and other building materials in a matter of days in Staten Island.
Flooring buckles, drywall disintegrates, and wood framing warps and splits. Even concrete walls and foundations can be weakened.
The longer water and even excess moisture lingers the more flood damage you’re likely to have.
Preventing and limiting water damage goes way beyond water removal. Water quickly soaks deeply, spreads out, and wicks up walls where it can linger for weeks.
So it’s necessary to take special measures to thoroughly dry out the area.

Staten Island Flooded Basement Cleanup

Professional basement flood clean up clearly saves money in long run by avoiding expensive repairs, and avoids having some of your insurance claim denied because proper mitigation steps weren’t taken. The same applies to flood damage in crawl spaces.
We’ve been operating in Staten Island for 3 decades. Our company begins by assessing the situation. Our powerful equipment will quickly pump out all standing water and allow us to thoroughly inspect for damage and its cause, and determine the best course of action. We’ll then use our high-performance water extraction equipment to continue the process. It’s nearly twice as effective as anything you can do yourself and knocks 1 to 2 days off the drying process.
But there’s still lots of moisture trapped deep in porous materials that can continue to do damage and cause problems for days, weeks and months to come. That’s why we follow through with advanced low temperature high capacity automatic dehumidifiers and high speed high powered turbo-dryers air movers to get everything thoroughly dry from a couple of days to within a week. We perform periodic tests to make sure everything is progressing as rapidly as possible and to confirm that the job is done completely.

Finally, we provide cleaning deodorizing, including safe and effective anti-microbial treatments.

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We’ll take care of all of your flooded basement problems quickly, thoroughly, and professionally.