Flood Damage and Water Damage Insurance Claims

What you need to know about flood damage and insurance companies

Call Joe Kielbasa’s Flood Service immediately after discovering your Staten Island, New York, home or business has any level of water damage, no matter how small. Speak to an expert, whether or not you are considering a flood damage or water damage insurance claim.
You pay your premium to the insurance company year after year to protect your property and family from disaster. However, even minor flood damage, that you may think costs only a couple of hundred dollars, to clean up, can actually cost thousands, and if not done in a timely matter it can adversely effect indoor air quality, effecting everyone especially children, the elderly, your pets, and the entire structure and all contents.

Call Us First

As a courtesy, we offer no out of pocket expenses with the insurance billed direct for qualifying claims.
We believe that you should not have to worry about any up- front payments, and should be able to concentrate on getting your home or office back to its pre–water damaged condition.
Calling Joe Kielbasa’s Flood Service when water damage occurs, allows you to avoid insurance companies vendor referral programs specifically designed to get the job done at the lowest possible cost.
These vendors are often impersonal out of state franchises – with a slow response time and no concern for you or your home.

Unlike these companies, that provide many other ancillary services, before any work will be performed they will require you to pay them your deductible which could range from a couple of hundred dollars to as high as several thousands of dollars.

By calling us first, you will be provided with the utmost in water mitigation services and will get the job done right in a timely manner and be very satisfied as are thousands of our Staten Island neighbors.

Insurance Claims

Since water and moisture quickly cause further damage, your immediate priority and responsibility is getting the water extracted and the building dried out, from a local flood damage restoration company like Joe Kielbasa’s Flood Service.
We will separate undamaged items from damaged ones to avoid the spread of moisture and microbes, and documenting the drying process along the way and taking photographs.
It can be confusing as to what claims should be submitted for which policies, and we can help review your coverage carefully.
If it’s natural ground flooding by storm or hurricane, it’s a flood insurance issue.
But if it’s from a water heater, boiler, air conditioning condensation unit, washing machine hose, burst water pipe, supply line, broken, frozen spigot, sink, bathtub, toilet overflow it’s likely to be part of your homeowner policy.
Sewer and sump pump backups and overflows however may need a specific endorsement. The distinctions can be fine, with seemingly arbitrary decisions.

So be sure to call us first to avoid possibly making an inaccurate statement at the wrong time to your insurance company, which can result in getting your claim denied.

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