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Dealing with a basement flood or other water damage? In Woodbridge, count on the expert professionals nearby at Joe Kielbasa’s Flood Service 24/7 for the mitigation required immediately to minimize flood damage and repair expenses. Every hour counts, and we’ve encountered numerous situations where do-it-yourself attempts have lead to even bigger problems. We’ll be there right away, provide a free estimate, and get things done properly from the very start. In business since 1986, Kielbasa’s is family owned and provides personalized flood services , not “packages” with things you don’t need. We’re happy to bill your insurance directly, and have worked with many local agents and insurers.

  • 24/7 service – call us and you will always talk to the owner immediately
  • At your door within an hour
  • Servicing Woodbridge area since 1986
  • Direct insurance billing
  • Personalized service from beginning to end
  • Small, family owned company that treats you like one of our own
  • Free estimates
  • We accept cash, credit and checks

If if you have a flooded house or commercial business in Woodbridge, New Jersey, the building must be dried out properly.
Joe Kielbasa’s Emergency Flood Service can be on-site within an hour to help get the appropriate equipment set to dry out your walls, flooring and ceilings and completely clean up any flood water damage.

Experience Matters!

Since 1980 We Have Handled Every Kind Of Water Damage Emergency You Can Think Of Including:

Basement Floods

Frozen Pipes

Water Heater Leaks

Toilet / Faucet Overflows

If You Are Flooded. Joe Kielbasa's Flood Service Gets The Water Out!(732) 334-6992

Woodbridge Leak Detection & Repair

You might even have a problem and not even realize it.
A small plumbing leak inside a wall can give rise to an unseen health hazard from mold (it doesn’t need light) and increasing damage to your home itself. If you notice a jump in your water bill or experience musty odors or discoloration, give us a call and we’ll send over a leak detection expert to check for problems and track them to their source. Learn more about our leak detection services

Woodbridge, New Jersey Water Damage Removal

Water damage sets in more quickly and can become more extensive than most people realize.
Whether a basement flood from a storm, a frozen pipe, or faulty plumbing in Woodbridge’s many stately but aging buildings, it’s vital to remove water and excess moisture as fast as possible. Even tub, sink, and toilet overflows can be a problem, with significant mold issues starting in as little as a day.

The top of the carpet may seem dry, but the padding and sub-floor underneath can remain damp for days or even weeks.
Damage can also remain hidden inside walls. Besides mold, water and even excess moisture can lead to wood (including important structural framing) warping, splitting, and decaying. Interior drywall swells, and then disintegrates.
Even cement foundations can be weakened, and wiring corroded.

Woodbridge Flood Damage Restoration

Joe Kielbasa’s Flood Service has all the equipment, expertise, and experience necessary for thorough and professional flood damage restoration.
Our flood damage control begins with high-volume pumps to quickly remove standing water so that the real work can begin.
We then remove as much remaining moisture as possible, as quickly as possible, to keep the time the building remains damp to an absolute minimum. Our special water extraction equipment is specifically designed for flood services, extracting almost 2 times as much as shop wet-vacs or carpet cleaners.

It’s often necessary to remove and discard carpet and padding (although in some cases the carpet can be salvaged), remove baseboards, and open up wall cavities.
Even after after that it’s still necessary to take additional measures in order to remove every last bit of excess moisture quickly and prevent further damage. Open windows and fans just don’t do enough, and cranking up the heat will actually cause microbes to grow faster. We use specialized high-powered air movers and refrigerant dehumidifiers to wick out every last bit of excess moisture several days faster.
Our experts monitor the moisture content of various building materials and locations to be sure the job is done before moving on to any mold removal.
Our services keep further damage and repair costs to a minimum and get your life back to normal sooner.

We’ll also inspect for weak points to avoid future basement flooding, leaving your home or place of business restored to better than pre-loss condition.